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About Us

About Us

For over 75 years, J.F. Edwards Construction has delivered exceptional workmanship to clients throughout the United States. In addition to providing expert electrical services, we remain dedicated to the most rigorous safety standards on every project.

From its start in rural electrification and providing power to farms in the 1940s, extending to electrical work on Chicago’s Eisenhower, Stevenson, and Dan Ryan Expressways and installing street, highway, and interstate lighting, signage, and outdoor venue lighting, JFECC evolved and expanded its capabilities to its current focus on providing wind, solar, and battery energy storage systems.

JFECC aims to be a contractor of choice, exceeding our client’s expectations.

Our Company

With over 75 years of experience as a specialty electrical construction company, JFECC safely and efficiently constructs and installs outside electrical systems.

Our team of professionals utilizes specialized techniques and high-level technologies to provide services including:

  • Wind collection systems
  • Full-scope solar projects
  • High voltage work, including design-build substations, slacklines and short T-line work
  • Switchyards
  • Battery energy storage systems (BESS)

We value our reputation for providing outstanding, quality workmanship. As a leading specialty electrical contractor, we take pride in delivering electrical services on time and within budget without compromising safety or integrity.

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Our Mission Statement

J. F. Edwards Construction Company’s mission is to be the best-in-class specialty electrical contractor in the United States, providing unparalleled safety, quality workmanship, service, and productivity.

The Visabeira Group

In 2021, JFECC was acquired by the Visabeira Group. Dedicated to improving the supply and construction of energy systems, the Visabeira Group is known for its innovative ideas and creative solutions. The Group, headquartered in Viseu, Portugal, has a presence in 16 countries and markets its products and services to over 116 nations. The Visabeira Group is recognized for its expertise and responsiveness in construction.

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Founded in 1947 by John F. Edwards, Sr., J. F. Edwards Construction Company has a history of strong and dedicated leadership. Our team continues to be committed to delivering the highest quality workmanship safely and effectively, while meeting and exceeding customer milestones.

We are an EPC Electrical Contractor of choice. We work with industry-leading design engineers and are committed to growth through strategic partnerships with other like-minded industry leaders.

Safety & Quality

J.F. Edwards Construction Company puts safety first. Our trained and experienced staff plans and executes each project following established safety protocols. Our safety procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure that we are meeting the highest standards of safety throughout the life of a project.

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