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Safety First

J.F. Edwards Construction Company (JFECC) puts safety first. We recognize that nothing is more important than keeping our community safe – both our employees and the clients we serve.

Our trained and experienced staff plans and executes each project with established safety protocols in place and continues to identify, troubleshoot, and eliminate any safety shortcomings throughout the project. Our safety procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure that we meet the highest standards of safety.

aerial view of farmland with prepped ground in center
excavator prepping ground for construction


At JFECC, safety is our top priority.

  • We want every one of our employees to go home safely at the end of the day.
  • Our clients’ successes are dependent on our adhering to strict safety policies.
engineers working on electrical substation
close up of trencher prepping the ground
construction on electrical substation
construction equipment working on ground

Safety Program Highlights

  • New employees undergo an initial safety orientation their first day on the jobsite.
  • All employees in safety-sensitive positions receive a daily briefing including at least the following:
    • Hazards associated with the job and their controls;
    • Work procedures involved;
    • Special precautions;
    • Energy source controls;
    • Personal Protective Equipment;
    • NFPA 70E Approach Boundaries;
    • Individual Crew Member assigned tasks;
    • Scope of job and desired outcomes.
  • Field Superintendents and jobsite safety professionals hold regular jobsite training sessions for crew members on pertinent topics throughout the year.
  • Superintendents and other Field Leaders receive annual safety training to empower them to safely manage crews.
  • We conduct post-incident reviews after any safety incident;
  • We continually monitor for areas of improvement and take appropriate actions;
  • Management conducts an annual review and modification of the overall JFECC safety program to identify and implement recommended changes and improvements.
  • Job hazard analysis – Each crew member is responsible for and encouraged to identify, analyze, mitigate, and report hazards associated with the performance of their individual tasks to make themselves and their fellow workers as safe as possible.
  • Incident investigation and reporting – Supervisors are trained in first aid and incident investigation to respond to any incident.
  • Employees are trained in JFECC and jobsite safety regulations and required to observe these rules as a condition of employment.
  • Our excellence in safety recognition program provides frequent and regular recognition for exceptional safety performance.

JFECC Safety Committee

An important component of our Safety Program is our JFECC Safety Committee. This group of headquarters and field leaders meets weekly and is instrumental in assisting management with safety oversight as follows:

  • Communicating procedures for evaluating the effectiveness of control measures used to keep employees safe and healthy;
  • Reviewing and updating workplace safety rules based on accident investigation findings, any inspection findings, employee reports of unsafe conditions or practices, including anonymous complaints and suggestions;
  • Updating the workplace safety program by evaluating injury and accident records and formulating corrective measures to prevent recurrence;
  • Evaluating health and safety programs and promoting safety and health awareness and co-worker participation through continuous improvements to the workplace safety program;
  • Monitoring workplace safety education and training for effectiveness and documentation.

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